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Latest news

Stefano Syzer Germanotte

Stefano Syzer Germanotte

Stefano Syzer Germanotta is a Singer-songwriter Rapper born in Messina, very well known on Youtube to perform specific Coverings both in Italian and in Spanish since Reggaeton is very fashionable at the moment. Stefano Syzer Germanotta After months of intense production, the singer decided to take a well-deserved break to rest but above all to be able to return with a great charge to his [Read More ...]
Come diventare PR nei vari Eventi

How to become a PR in various events

How to become PR (Public Relations), work in the nightlife of Discos, earnings. Can you make a career ?! Have you always dreamed of becoming PR and working in the world of Discos, events and concerts, but not knowing where to start? You have arrived at the right site where to gather this information and useful advice. I will tell you how to go about your PR career, make yourself loved and be known in all the best clubs [Read More ...]
Nikki Fit Damelo ft. Maldonado

Nikki Fit Damelo ft. Maldonado

Nikki Fit Damelo ft. Maldonado, the new song will surely be heard throughout the summer. With a rhythm that takes you by making you dance. This song was made in collaboration with a Maldonado Dominican singer. Biographers of Nikki Fit Sara Niccolai, aka Nikki Fit, cultivates her passion for singing since childhood and thanks to her stepfather's work grows in contact with Latin American culture, learning [Read More ...]
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